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Most of you guys have probably heard about many VPN applications. Some of you might still be using a VPN on a daily bases. In this article, I am going to tell you about RusVPN For PC. RusVPN was first launched earlier this year. However, recently this application got a major update.

Here I am going to tell you about some of the basic information relating to the RusVPN application and how the latest update is outstanding. Read the article till the end to learn more about this application and how you can install it on your Windows and Mac OS devices.


The first thing that I am going to start with is the name of the application which is RusVPN. The developer of this application is using a small abbreviation for this application. The full form of RusVPN is reliable, unlimited, and secure Virtual Private Network.

RusVPN is offering more than 350 international servers. All of these servers are secure and protected by a strong Encryption so the user can freely surf around the web and search for anything that the user desire. If you love to watch movies and web series than you should give this application a chance.

RusVPN For PC gives full access to its users to watch movies on Netflix and Hulu type sites and applications. There are many other live streaming, Movie Watching, and video related websites and applications that you can easily use while you are connected to the RusVPN application.


Moreover, you can also gain access to all blocked websites and applications which are blocked in your country. Users can also gain access to all geographically blocked websites and use them without any blockage. There is also a feature known as One Tap To Connect.

Using these features you can quickly get VPN protection, the whole process takes hardly 10 seconds. After that, your device gets full VPN protection and you can freely surf the web while using Free public WiFi. This application also protects your IP address by changing it and protecting your original Ip address in high-end encryption.

The privacy policy of the RusVPN For PC application is pretty cool. Non of the user data is shared with any 3 party trackers. All of the user’s search history and online web print is protected under high-level encryption. Even your login information, passwords, bank card data, and personal photos are also protected.

However, after listening to all of the features of this application, you might be thinking, wow all of these features are free with the application. Well, this application is paid and comes with a Free 7 Days Trial. But the rates of the premium subscription of RusVPN For PC are pretty affordable.

Features Of RusVPN For PC

Here is a list of features of this application.

  1. High-End Encryption.
  2. Fast web Browsing with zero lag.
  3. Users’ information protection.
  4. Users’ online data protection.
  5. More than 350 International servers.
  6. One subscription and use it on all of your devices.
  7. Freely surf the Internet.
  8. Access all geographically blocked websites.
  9. Watch live streaming.
  10. Use Netflix and Hulu.
  11. Unblock local websites.
  12. IP Hider.
  13. 7 Days Free Trial.


How To Download RusVPN For Windows

RusVPN For PC is officially available to download on all versions of Windows. Just visit their official website and download the software on your Windows device.

How to install RusVPN For Windows

Once you have downloaded the software then follow these steps.

  1. Double-click on the downloaded software file.
  2. Windows installer will pop open.
  3. Follow all of the steps required by the Windows installer.
  4. Click Finish

Now RusVPN application is installed on your Windows device. Now start surfing the internet without any restrictions.

Use RusVPN On Chrome Using Chrome Extension

You can download the chrome extension of this application on both Windows and Mac devices. Just use the chrome browser to download the chrome extension.

Here is the LINK that you can use to access the chrome extension of RusVPN For PC. Just click on “Add to Chrome” to get a chrome extension on your Chrome browser.


How To Download RusVPN For Mac

To install RusVPN For Mac, you have to follow a different procedure. RusVPN application is officially not available to download on Mac OS. However, You can use the alternate method. Here I have written a step by step instruction manual on how to download and run the RusVPN application on Mac OS by using an Android Emulator.

You can use BlueStacks Emulator or Nox app Player to download Android applications on your Mac devices. Both of these Emulators are the best performing Emulators that you will find on the internet. These Android Emulators are free and easy to use with a friendly user interface.

Now I am going to explain the installation method using BlueStacks Emulator because I am currently using it. It will be easy for me to explain the method while using the Android Emulator. However, you can use the same installation method for both Android Emulators.

LINK: Download BlueStacks Emulator.

How To Install BlueStacks Emulator

  1. Download the file of the BlueStacks Emulator.
  2. Double click on the downloaded file to open the BlueStacks installer.
  3. Now follow all of the steps and instructions are given by the installer.
  4. A new Configuration page will pop open.
  5. Select the language.
  6. Add your active Gmail account or create a new Gmail account.

Installing RusVPN For Mac

Using an Android Emulator you can easily/quickly download and install any Android application on your Mac devices. Just follow these easy and simple steps to download the application on your Mac Devise.

  1. Open BlueStacks Emulator.
  2. The Home screen will open.
  3. Now look for the Google Play Store.
  4. Now Search for RusVPN using the search bar.
  5. Now open the application on Google Play Store.
  6. And click Install.
  7. First the downloading will start afterward the installation process will start.
  8. Click on the Open button and start using the latest VPN application.

This is how you can download this application on your Mac device. Now open the home screen of the BlueStacks Emulator, look for the RusVPN application. Open RusVPN FOr PC and start using it. If you have any questions regarding this application or Android Emulators then leave a comment. I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for your time and Keep supporting AppsWikies.

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