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Power VPN For PC

Power VPN is a free Android VPN tool that is used to bypass blocked websites in your country or region. Get access to Power VPN For PC by using an Android Emulator because there is no official application that can be installed on your Windows OS or Mac OS devices. Moreover, if you are located in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, or Iran then Power VPN is the best choice for you.

What Is An Android Emulator

An Android Emulator is third-party software that can simulate the Android Platform over Windows or Mac OS devices. An Android Emulator provides all of the capabilities of an Android device. So you can easily test your Android application on different Android devices and API levels directly from your computer.

Are Android Emulators Safe?

Yes! Android Emulators are safe to download and run on your device. However, you have to download them from a reliable source. Some of the most popular Android Emulators like BlueStacks Emulator, Nox App Player, and LD player are 100% safe. Additionally, the size of these popular Emulators is much greater than many Emulators on the internet. So, be careful if you are downloading a random Emulator due to its small size.

Minimum Requirements For Installing An Android Emulator

For Windows

  • Your PC must have a minimum of 4GB RAM.
  • You must be using your PC as an Administrator.
  • Updated Graphics drivers are required.
  • Minimum 5GB disk space required.

For Mac

  • MacOS 10.12 or above required.
  • 64-bit OS Architecture required.
  • Intel HD 5200 or higher graphics required.
  • Minimum 4GB RAM required.
  • 8GB free disk space required.
  • You must be an Administrator on your Mac PC.

How To Download Power VPN For PC

Power VPN For PCUsing a reliable Android Emulator to download the Power VPN app is a safe choice. So I recommend that you use BlueStacks Emulator to download and install the Power VPN app. I have also provided you with a download link that you can use to download BlueStacks Emulator. Moreover, you can also use the same link to get the complete installation method of the BlueSacks Emulator.

LINK: Download and Install BlueStacks.

Installing Power VPN For PC

  • Launch the BlueStacks Emulator on your Windows or Mac device.
    • Wait a few minutes for the emulator to load.
    • The first boot always takes some time depending on your PC specs.
  • The home screen will welcome you. Here look for Google Play Store and open it.
  • Using the search bar look for Free VPN: Power VPN – Unlimited VPN Hotspot.
  • Now click on the install button and the app will start downloading and installing on your device.

This is how you can get Power VPN For PC. You can easily download and install BlueStacks Emulator on any Windows or Mac OS device. However, it works perfectly on Windows 7, 8, 10, and all versions of Mac OS.

What Is Power VPN?

Power VPN is a tool that can easily disable all online restrictions. Once the online restrictions are disabled then you will be able to access the web freely while staying anonymous. Power VPN For PC is a very powerful tool that can also encrypt your internet connection to provide the user with high-level privacy.


Surf the internet with full security while using the Power VPN app on PC. If you are worried that any hacker or snooper may try to steal your important data. Then don’t worry because no hacker or snooper will be able to see your online footprint. This is due to the encryption protection. It encrypts all of the cookies left behind by you when you surf the internet.

Power VPN For PC


While you are surfing the internet your device is receiving and sending information packets. Hackers usually try to access these packets to gather your private information. While using the Power VPN app all of the information packets are encrypted. So if any hacker tries to collect your information he or she will have a hard time.

Furthermore, these encrypted information packets travel through a fully secured encrypted tunnel that can not be accessed by any ordinary hacker. So all of your personal information, data stored on your device, and data transferred by you or received by you are fully protected from any piercing eye.

Encryption Protection

Power VPN For PC is using AES-256 encryption which is a military-grade security level. This encryption protects all of your data and makes it extremely hard for hackers to bypass your security. Moreover, this VPN tool is also using all of the latest security protocols to protect you and all of your data stored on your system.

IP Hider

IP Hider is one of the best features that a VPN app can offer. This feature works automatically and users don’t have the option to enable or disable it. However, this is one of the best security features of all time. The main function of IP Hider is to change your authentic IP address with a bogus one. Which is only given to a user for one-time use. Due to this feature, no hacker will be able to track or trace you to your original location.


Power VPN For PC tool is offering 30 fast servers from all of the most popular countries in the world. All of these servers are absolutely free to use and there is no bandwidth restriction. Moreover, you can also get access to some premium servers but for that, you have to purchase a subscription worth around 4.99$.

Remove Online Restrictions

While you are surfing the web using the Power VPN app then you will have the power to access all restricted and blocked websites. Your internet provider may have restricted these websites or maybe the website you want to visit is restricted by the government. Whatsoever, be the reason you will have full power to access those websites without any hassle.

However, if you want to access all of the local information about any country then you have the choice to change the server location. By selecting one of the servers from that country. You will get all of the local information of that specific country or region without leaving your home or office. You can also download and install all local applications and use them freely while using Power VPN For PC tool.

Public WiFi Security

Do you connect your device WiFi to any available free public WiFi? Maybe you are at a coffee shop and you are using their free public WiFi. These free public WiFi are not secure and mostly hackers and snoopers are waiting for people to connect to these public WiFi’s without any security so they can try to breach your security.

However, if you are connected to the Power VPN – Free Proxy VPN Services then you don’t have to worry. This tool has got you covered. It will convert your public WiFi into a private network. Which will provide you with a camouflage that will hide your presence in front of the hackers and you can anonymously surf the internet.

Power VPN For PC

Additional Information

The Power VPN app is offered by PowerVPN – Free, Unlimited & Secure VPN and the size of this app is 18MB. More than Five Million Users have downloaded this app from the Google Play Store and the current version of this app is 1.38. Moreover, this app was last updated on January 21, 2021, and there are some in-app products that you can purchase these products cost around 4.99$/item.

Why Use Power VPN For PC?

Many VPN applications are available for Windows and Mac OS platforms. But in this article, I am telling you about Power VPN which is an Android application. The reason behind this is that the Power VPN app is absolutely free and there are many premium features in the Power VPN app.

Salient Features

Here are some of the key features of the Power VPN For PC.

  • Free VPN services for everyone.
  • The interface is very clean and easy to use.
  • One-click to connect feature.
  • Download torrent files quickly.
  • P2P and file sharing.
  • Unblock or block any website on the internet.
  • Stream content at high speed without any lag or internet speed issues.
  • Play games that are not available in your country.
  • Use Brazil and Philippines servers for playing games.
  • No log-in required.
  • No bandwidth restriction.
  • No Internet speed restriction.
  • All premium paid features are available for free.

List Of Available Servers

  • United States VPN
  • Germany VPN
  • India VPN
  • Singapore VPN
  • Canada VPN
  • Hong Kong VPN
  • Denmark VPN
  • Ukraine VPN
  • Sweden VPN
  • Ireland VPN
  • Switzerland VPN
  • Mexico VPN
  • Turkey VPN
  • Netherlands VPN
  • Russia VPN
  • Brazil VPN
  • Australia VPN
  • Japan VPN
  • China VPN
  • Iran VPN and UAE VPN.

Here is all of the information that you need to know about Power VPN For PC. Thank you for your time and Keep supporting AppsWikies. You can also leave a comment if you have any questions.

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