VN Video Editor For PC – Windows 10 & Mac – Free Download

VN Video Editor For PC

If you are looking for a free app to improve your video editing skills. Then VN Video Editor For PC is the best app for you. VN Video Editor is a professional video editing tool that contains many advanced video editing features. This tool is suitable for both beginners and professional users.

VN Video Editor is official, not available for the Windows platform. However, you can get the official version of VN Video Editor For Mac. To get this tool on your Windows PC you have to follow an alternative method. This alternate method requires the usage of an Android Emulator.

Download VN Video Editor For PC (Windows)

To Download VN Video Editor For Windows, you have to install an Android Emulator on your system. I recommend you to download and install BlueStacks Emulator. Because it is one of the best Android Emulator currently available on the internet. Simply click on the link to get BlueStacks on your Windows PC.

LINK: Download BlueStacks & Installation Method.

Downloading VN Video Editor Using BlueStacks

First of All, Download and install the BlueStacks Emulator on your Windows PC. Then you have to configure the Emulator by adding your active Gmail account. Remember not to leave the configuration page unattended. The Emulator will restart. Now it is read and be used to download VN Video Editor For Windows. Follow these steps.

  • The home screen of the BlueStacks Emulator will appear in front of you.
  • From the home screen, open the Google Play Store.
  • Use the search bar located at the top of the screen to search for VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow.
  • Click on the install button shown on the right side of the application.

VN Video Editor For PC

The application will start downloading, and the installation will automatically start. This process will take some time. Wait for a few minutes depending on the size of the app. A new icon of the VN Video Editor will appear on the home screen of the BlueStacks Emulator. Click on it and start using the VN Video Editor app.

Get VN Video Editor For Mac (Offical)

VN Video Editor For PCVN Video Editor is officially available for Mac PC. On the Mac App Store, this app is offered by Ubiquiti Labs, LLC. You are required to have MacOS 10.15 or greater with a 64-bit system. The size of this app is 139.7 MB, and you can download it for free. Just click on the link to download the VN Video Editor app from the Mac App Store.

LINK: VN Video Editor For Mac – Free Download

Introduction To VN Video Editor/Maker – VlogNow

Whether you are planning to edit videos for YouTube, TikTok, or your videos. The VN Video Editor is the best option for all beginners and professional users. VN is the top video editor and movie maker with music. The interface of this app is very easy for everyone. Perform all of the basic and advanced editing features with ease.

Basic Features Of VN Video Editor For PC

  1. Zoom in and out of the timeline.
  2. Multilayering video editing.
  3. Add custom masks.
  4. Add music to videos and adjust the duration of the sound.
  5. Get access to 21 transitions in video making.
  6. More than 60 filters are available that you can add to your videos.
  7. Add subtitles or text overlay to your videos.
  8. Adjust the subtitles according to the dialogue in the video.
  9. Save original video to your device storage.
  10. Instantly share your video on any social media platform.

Advanced Features Of VN Video Editor


The keyframes features provide you with the ability to move an object. This causes an effect to move the object from one point to another point. This feature also uses the PIP mode to add stickers or pictures to the video you are editing.

Just import any text, picture to the video and place it at a part where you want to add it. The Keyframe option will appear under the video you are editing. Now select another part of the video and place the same photo to the second point. Now play the video and see the object/photo move in the video from the starting point to the end.

VN Video Editor For PC

Moreover, you can also increase or decrease the size of the inserted object. For this to happen you have to place an object at the point where you want it to be. Now select another point in the video, change the size of the object. Now play the video, and you will see that the object is changing size as the video is playing.

Green Screen Effects

Green screen is used as a single color as a backdrop in film making. Using a green screen the editors have the option to add any object in the background. Or remove any object from the front. Moreover, the Green Screen provides the ability to create convincing background visuals.

Using the Green screen features in the VN Video Editor. Requires you to have a green screen video pre-recorded. Once you come to the editing phase, you will have the ability to add that video to the video you are editing. For example, you can add a YouTube subscribe button a the end of your video that will come over your original video.

Cinematic Black Bars

Adding Cinematic Black Bars to your video was never easy. With the help of VN Video Editor For PC, you can easily do it. First of all, you need to have a Cinematic Black Bar image saved on your device. These images are available on Google. Make sure you save the correct image with white and grey gradient squares.

Using the add option, add the Cinematic Black Bar image to your video. Now, resize the image to cover the video you are editing. And you will have the perfect Cinematic movie look to your videos.

VN Video Editor For PC


Q1) Is VN Video Editor For PC officially available?

A) VN Video Editor is officially available for Mac OS device only. For Windows users, this app is officially not available.

Q2) How to Get VN Video Editor For Windows?

A) To Download VN Video Editor on your Windows device, you have to use an Android Emulator.

Q3) Is VN Video Editor For PC available for Smartphones?

A) Yes, you can officially download the VN Video Editor application from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Q4) Is VN Video Editor safe?

A) The VN Video Editor is one of the best video editing software for Android and iOS device and is safe for everyone to use.

Q5) Does this video editor puts a Watermark on the edited videos?

A) No, this video editor does not put a Watermark on the video you have edited.

Here is all of the information that you need to know about VN Video Editor For PC. Thank you for your time, and Keep supporting AppsWikies. You can also leave a comment if you have any questions.

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