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Camera360 For PC

Download Camera360 For PC, to use one of the best selfie cameras for capturing and editing selfies. Everyone in the world has the right to look beautiful. With this app, you can become the person you want to be. Use natural or professionally made filters for bringing out your real facial features.

Camera360 is one of the most popular applications with more than One Billion downloads. Join some of the popular celebrities, who only using the Camera360 app to capture selfies. Find the best photo editing tools, filters, bushes, and much more. Transform your ordinary looks to look like models or celebrities with professional makeup filters.

The creator of Camera360 For PC has 20 years of experience in the makeup industry. He was a beautician and has worked with multiple celebrities on their makeup. The developers have created the Camera360 application so normal people also get the chance for professional makeup to enhance their looks.

How To Download Camera360 For PC

Camera360 For PCThe Camera360 application is only available for smart devices like Android smartphones, iOS, and iPadOS. But users can also download Camera360 on their PC. Install Camera360 on Windows or Mac without any hassle. The installation of Camera360 on Mac and Windows is very easy and you just have to follow the procedure explained.

There is no direct method to download the Client application because it is not available. However, the alternative method is used to install Camera360 on PC. This alternative method can be performed by using an Android emulator. The emulator will grant your PC the power to run all Android applications.

Install Android Emulator on PC

Before we being with the installation of an Android emulator you have to download it on your Windows or Mac system. There are many good emulators on the internet that you can download for free. however, I recommend using the BlueStacks emulator, its performance is smooth and users can rely on the emulator hassle-free.

Download BlueStacks Emulator

Install Camera360 Using BlueStacks Emulator

First, open the emulator on your system (Windows or Mac), the first boot of any emulator takes time. From the home screen of the emulator open Google Play Store. Use the search bar to search for Camera360. Now open the application and click on the Install button.

Android App Camera360 Free Download

Camera360 For PC

Camera360 – Selfie & Retouch

Camera360 is a professional application for the best selfie edits of your life. This app will change your appearance and will enhance your beauty in the most natural way ever. Apply multiple filters, Stickers, re-touches, and make-up to your photos and look like a professional model. Decorate your photos with this professional tool and look stunning in every photo.

Camera360 For PC is offering many professional retouching tools and photo editing tools for making your photos beautiful. Enhance your look with the help of free professional tools for transforming your photos. Moreover, this application has one of the best cameras for capturing photos, all photos captured are in HD quality. Users also get the option to apply various filters for improving the photo quality.

There is one unique feature of the Camera360 app that makes this app stand in front of all of its completion. This unique feature allows the user to put full professional makeup on their face with just a single click. the app will automatically apply makeup according to the photo scenario in the image. Furthermore, uses get the option to retouch the makeup to smooth the rough edges and apply final touches.

This was a small overview of the Camera360 For PC application. Learn more about this application by reading the features explained below. Utilize these features to enhance your looks and to give your face a bold appearance. Without further ado here are all the features of Camera360 that you will love.

Camera360 For PC

Features Of Camera360 App On PC

Here are all the features of Camera360 For PC. You can learn more about the features by using the Camera360 application on your device.

Smooth Skin

Apply edits to your skin and make it look even more smooth than ever. Also, adjust the smoothness level to supper smooth or decrease it according to your preferences. These filters apply very smoothly and most users won’t even see if you are using any filter for smoothing your skin.


Tired of seeing a small face when you capture photos? Using Camera360 you can adjust your face appearance and make it look big or small. This app is offering 21 micro-adjustments for just adjusting your facial features and expressions.

Reshape Body

Are you not well dress enough to capture photos? but you still want to capture your photos perfectly! Using the body reshape feature you can change your body looks from top to bottom. There are multiple options for editing your body part shapes. Moreover, you can also decrease your body fat from different places to give your photos a smooth look and many more edits.

One-Touch Edit – Beautification

This is the most famous feature of Camera360 For PC, that users love. With one-touch beautification, you can apply full makeup to your photos in seconds. The app will professionally add makeup, filters, and much more to your photo to give it a unique look. If you don’t love the auto edit or the edit is over-exposed according to your likings.

Then the user can use the retouch function and change every edit to make it look perfect. Using the retouch, you can modify every single edit added to your photos. So the user always has every step in control, this allows the user to learn more about editing photos professionally.

Camera360 For PC

Anime Effects & Magic Sky

Use the magic sky effects on your photos to remove clouds from your photos. Moreover, using this option you can edit the sky on your photos with multiple colors. Apply Anime effects to your photos and give cartoonish look to your images.

Become a Star

Apply cinematic effects to your photos or convert your photos into a proper back and white color from the 1950s. Moreover, you guys have also seen those applications that apply your face to other people. Using the Camera360 app you can do the same with your favorite celebrity’s photos. Take the look at your favorite celebrity and enjoy your time having fun and much more.


This app is offering more than 300 amazing HD filters for your photos. Apply these filters to make your images look better. Moreover, gain access to professional filters, created by professional makeup artists from around the world. There are also more than 30 makeup filters that are also customizable to make them your special filter for daily usage.


The Camera360 For PC app is packed with super cute stickers that you can apply to your photos. Also, use these stickers on a specific spot on your photos like the right corner of the screen and other locations. These stickers use AR technology to recognize the face and apply these stickers to your face.

This is all regarding Camera360 For PC. If you have any questions regarding this application or the Android emulator on your PC. Then leave a comment in the comment section below. Thank you for your time and keep supporting our website AppsWikies.

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