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Hik ProConnect For PC

Download Hik ProConnect For PC (For Installers) and get in-depth details regarding the errors and issues you are facing with your Hik-connect CCTV system. This app is specifically designed for professional people who know all about hik vision products and their solutions.

As you know from the complete name of the application i.e Hik ProConnect For installer. This app is for security company agents who come to your house, office, or worksite to visit and completely install CCTV cameras and systems. This app provides essential details to help the user in fixing errors and issues.

Hik ProConnect is a cloud-based application that provides security solutions to the installer. (The installer can be from a security company or you can do it yourself). This application provides a simple and easy-to-use platform for solving issues and problems with your hik-connect security system and CCTV cameras.

With the help of this application, the installer can easily provide maintenance services to the customer. Moreover, with a technician 24/7 available to help you in solving your problems. You can have a relaxed mind to think out of the box for expanding your business.

Hik ProConnect For PC app can help the client in monitoring the system’s health. This app can easily detect any issues with your system. Moreover, using this app the installer can resolve any issues, However, if a wire is damaged then the technician has to personally visit the site and then fix the issue for you. So always have a professional person help you with technical stuff.

How To get Hik ProConnect For PC On Windows & Mac OS

Hik ProConnect For PCThe Hik ProConnect app is a multiplatform app that is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and iPad OS. So visit the official website of hik-vision to get the Windows app. However, if you are pristine to get the app on your Mac system, then follow the alternative method. The alternative method requires you to use an Android emulator on a PC.

Android Emulator (BlueStacks)

An emulator is software that has the power to run an operating system over another operating system. This means that using this software you can run two operating systems on your PC. For Example, You can run Android OS on your Windows OS laptop or desktop. Moreover, you will not feel any lag and the performance of your PC will not be disturbed.

Get BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the top three best Android emulators in the world. And since BlueStacks 5 has been released, BlueStacks have taken the top place without any hassle. Visit the official website of BlueStacks to get the emulator software or click on the link given below to download the software with complete installation and configuration method.

Download BlueStacks Emulator For Windows & Mac

Installing BlueStacks

The link provided above contains the complete installation method, follow the method from there to get proper guidance. Moreover, additional screenshots have been added so you can view each and every step clearly while you are installing the BlueStacks Emulator on your Windows or Mac OS device.

Install Hik ProConnect App On PC Using BlueStacks

This alternative method can be used on both Windows and Mac OS devices. So follow the method explained below to get Hik ProConnect For Mac or even on the Windows platform. First, install the BlueStacks emulator n your system then follow the method explained to get Hik ProConnect For PC.

  • Open the emulator software on your PC (Windows or Mac)
  • The home screen contains multiple applications, click on Google Play Store to open it.
  • Once opened, use the search bar located at the top of the screen to search for Hik ProConnect.
  • Click on the green Install button shown next to the Hik ProConnect App.

Hik ProConnect For PC

This is how you can get Hik ProConnect For PC using an Android Emulator.

Hik ProConnect – For Installer

The Hik ProConnect app provides remote maintenance and configuration with the help of this application. Your technician or services provider personals can also reduce visits to the site by using this tool. Moreover, he or she needs your authentication for adding your system to the app for remote maintenance.

This tool has many amazing features and functions to provide extra help for your security and to maintain your security products. Also, get your system health check-up with this app any issues can be resolved with just a few accurate taps on this app.

Features Of Hik ProConnect

Here are some of the features of Hik ProConnect For PC that you will love. Get this app on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or even iPad OS. So, without taking any more time, let us get to the features of Hik ProConnect.

Remote Maintenance And Configuration

The Hik ProConnect application provides all the tools for remote maintenance and configuration of all of your HikVision devices and security systems. Moreover, this application is using p2p cloud technology for web configuration and other related operations.

The technician will have access to view the live surveillance footage, access playback footage, and download security footage remotely. This is why the Client has to provide authorization to the technician. Moreover, using this app the technician can reset any device password or restart the port issuing port to resolve the issue.

System Health Monitoring

The system health monitoring system is active by default. If this software detects and issues, errors, or abnormalities then, it will notify you with instant notifications. Moreover, the user can easily find the issue and resolve it within a matter of seconds or minutes.

Hik ProConnect For PC

This system also provides regular reports to the client, the client can set the report intervals, select the platform where he or she wants to receive the reports like Email. There is also an option to select the language of the report, and much more.

Interface and Dashboard

The interface of this application is very helpful. Every required option is available on the screen. The user can easily access every option and get the work done in an instant. This dashboard of this tool provides maximum information to the user, so he or she can fix the issue without any hassle.

Key Features & Benefits Of Hik ProConnect

Here are all of the key features and benefits of Hik ProConnect For PC.

  • Remote system configuration and support.
  • Install any Hik-Vision product with this app.
  • Send an invitation to people to give them assess to the app.
  • Grant permission to the user to view system health monitoring.
  • This app has the power to remotely view system health status or multiple sites.
  • Instant notifications regarding any issue.
  • Resolve issues remotely by using p2p cloud technology.
  • This app makes all Hik-Vision products work as a single product.


Q) What is the difference between Hik-ProConnect and Hik-Connect?

A) Both of the applications are created for different users. The Hik-ProConnect app is created for Installer. In other words a technician. And the Hik-Connect app is created for the end-user to add, configure, and view security footage.

Q) Is the Hik-ProConnect App Paid on Android or iOS?

A) The Hik-ProConnect app is free to download and use on Android or iOS devices. However, some services of the application are paid so the user has to pay for some premium services.

Q) Is the Windows version of Hik-ProConnect free?

A) The Windows Client software is not free the user has to subscribe to the monthly subscription plan to use all the premium services offered by the Client software. However, the user gets a free trial run of the Client software.

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