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MARVEL Future Revolution For PC

Get your hands on MARVEL Future Revolution For PC and play an open-world RPG game with your favorite Marvel Characters. The MARVEL Future Revolution game is created by Netmarble and the official release date of this game was 25 august 2021. Its been five days since MARVEL Future Revolution have been launched. And till now more than 10 Million gamers have downloaded this game.

MARVEL Future Revolution For PC game provides the player a chance to play with their favorite Marvel superhero. Players can select any player of his or her choice. Players can also select all of their favorite players to create a team of Super Heros for saving the world.

This is the second game created with Netmarble and Marvel collaboration. As Marvel has tested games in the past, many users were expecting to see the PC version of MARVEL Future Revolution. Sadly there is no news from the Marvel world regarding the PC variant. However, MARVEL Future Revolution Is available on Android and iOS platforms.

How Can I Download MARVEL Future Revolution For PC

MARVEL Future Revolution For PCThe method to download and install MARVEL Future Revolution For PC is officially not available. As I have said above, the creators have not created a PC version of this game. However, thousands of gamers want to play MARVEL Future Revolution On PC.

So, keeping this in mind I have decided to share the alternative method for downloading and installing MARVEL Future Revolution Game For PC. Using the Alternative method, all gamers can easily download this game on Windows or Mac PC.

In this method, we are using an Android Emulator to download the Android version of MARVEL Future Revolution. The emulator provides enough power to your PC for running the Android game without any lagging or without causing any extra bugs. This is a hassle-free method however, the installation of an emulator may take few extra minutes.

Download Android Emulator – BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks emulator is on top of all other Android emulators since it has released BlueStacks 5. BlueStacks 5 is 10 times better than BluyeStacks 4. This emulator comes with many additional features that many emulator gamers love. Like Macro, Game mode, screen recording, and many more.

The size of this emulator is also much larger than other emulators. However, if we talk about performance, it is the best performing emulator I have ever seen. I have used almost all Android emulators. And BlueStacks emulator was the one for the best gaming experience.

Click on the link given below to download the BlueStacks emulator. The link also contains the complete installation and configuration method of the BlueStacks emulator. So refer to the method in the link to easily install the emulator software on Windows or Mac Operating System.

Download BlueStacks Emulator

How Can I Install MARVEL Future Revolution Using BlueStacks

The installation method of the MARVEL Future Revolution For PC game is very easy on an Android emulator. If you have ever used an Android smart device to install apps or games then you already know the method. Because the installation is the same on an Android emulator. Follow the steps shown below to download and install MARVEL Future Revolution.

  • Open the Android emulator (This takes some time 1-2 minutes)
  • Navigate on the home screen of the emulator and locate Google Play Store.
  • Open it and use the search bar to search for MARVEL Future Revolution.
  • Click on the install button to get the game downloading on your device.
    • The installation is performed automatically.

This is how you can get MARVEL Future Revolution For PC by using an Android emulator. Moreover, using the same method, you can play all Android games on PC.

MARVEL Future Revolution For PC

MARVEL Future Revolution – Open World MMORPG

MARVEL Future Revolution is the first open-world MMORPG game created by Marvel for the mobile platform. This game contains visual graphics that many mobile gamers have never seen. MARVEL Future Revolution For PC game is developed on the unreal engine which provides a full 3D experience to the player.

The graphics of this game are so realistic that players may sometime think that it is really happening. This is filled with cinematic cutscenes and contains fluid combats with NCPs and Bosses. Players can explore the world and move around to find other heroes and popular villains to add them to their team to defeat the current enemy.

MARVEL Future Revolution Game Beginning Overview

When the game begins, we see Rocket Racoon in the Avengers international base. He is seen performing something on the master computer. He was called from his position and he left the computer unattended. From the background we see Groot coming toward the computer and he hits the Start button appearing on the computer screen.

The scene changes to New York city where Star-Lord is fighting with some aliens. At the same time, a hologram of Iron-Man appears in front of him and the Iron-Man warns him about the current situation and tells him to protect the city until he reaches to assist him. Star-Lord starts his fight and while fighting Black Widow joins him. A huge rock came from space and destroys the Stark Tower.

MARVEL Future Revolution For PC

Star-Lord gets injured and Black Widow saved his life and starts fighting side by side. However, there were cornered with no way out. From out of nowhere Iron-man comes to the scene and saves their lives. When the fight was over and Iron-Man was taking the tesseract from the enemy. He was attacked with a huge blast, which makes him flying away.

However, Spiderman was there to save him from the crash, but his armor was badly damaged. Captain Marvel joins the fight and defeats KMOOD. Soon after Doctor Strange appears and a fleet of enemies emerges from the sky. Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange start fighting. Doctor Strange users his portal power and open a portal to call all Avengers including Captain America.

Game Beginning

At the beginning of the game, you will have the option to select Heros for your team. However, you have to be careful you can only select four Heros from the total of eight Heros available at the beginning of the game. The list of heroes that you can select from is Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, Black Widow, and Storm.

Chapter 1 – Assemble

Doctor Strange arrives at the headquarter where he finds all the SHIELD Agents on the floor. He fights with some of the enemies and defeated them. Doctor Strange finds a barely conscious agent, he gave him some information. However, Doctor Strange gets a strange feeling and he starts feeling that his powers are not working properly.

Doctor Strange makes his way through the fleet of enemies to find his nemesis, Baron Mordo. They have a huge fight with different magic spells. Baron Mordo was powerful and was draining Doctor Strange power. However, Doctor Strange overcomes his power and with a single blow defeats him. however, he manages to escape.

Who Is Baron Mordo?

Baron Mordo is the oldest enemy of Doctor Strange, who is trying to kill him and his master The Ancient One. Baron Mordo makes his first attempt to kill Doctor Strange in the second comic of Doctor Strange “Strange tales Number 111”

MARVEL Future Revolution For PC

About MARVEL Future Revolution Game

While playing MARVEL Future Revolution For PC, you get the chance to collect more than 200 cool superheroes and supervillains. Using all the players you can make your ultimate Marvel Team to defeat the enemy and to protect the worlds. Every player you get will be at Level One.

Increase the level of your character and get different gear and powerups to unleash the full power of your favorite superhero. Make different teams and add characters who are in the Avengers or X-Men. Or create a Classic team from the marvel universe as we have seen in the movies and comics.

Customize the look of your character or change the uniform of your character to add new abilities. There are hundreds of uniforms to select from. Enhance your character power while working on thi=eir heroes look. Unleash the full power of your character and win the game.

Characters, Quests & Power UPS

As you know you can only select four heroes at the beginning of the game. However, while playing more characters can be unlocked. You just have to complete different quests to unlock your favorite superhero. Each character has a unique ability and powers, unleash their powers, and make your way through different missions.

MARVEL Future Revolution For PC

Marvel New Story

MARVEL Future Revolution For PC comes with a new storyline that is unique and contains twists and drama just like we have seen in the movies. Play special missions and watch the story as it is just like the comic and the movies altogether.

Personal Experience

I have spent around 30h playing the MARVEL Future Revolution game on my device and I am loving it. The graphics are astonishing the background music adds extra drama to the game. The storyline between the missions and the discussion between characters is all realistic. Moreover, from my point of view, this is the best game ever for Marvel fans out there.

This is all regarding MARVEL Future Revolution For PC. If you have questions, ask in the comment section below. This is Team AppsWikies, signing off.

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